Towards robotic busses at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport - GoParking


Towards robotic busses at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport


GoParking Jumbo at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport takes steps towards the robotic bus transfer services at the Airport.

Drone Hackathon at Enontekiö, Lapland
Team GoParking is on of the participants at the Aurora Arctic Drone Hackathon at Enontekiö on 31.3.–2.4.2017. Teams are challenged to solve the road maintenance challenges due to the use of automated vehicles on the Finnish roads.

More information about the challenges:

Robotic bus working group

GoParking will be the first at Helsinki-Vantaa with the robotic bus service. After the working group meeting on 5.4.2017 we will have the road map for taking the robotic busses to use at parking concept GoParking. Aim is to use the robotic busses serving airport parking customers to and back from the airport and at the same time to decrease the environmental impact of the whole airport area.

Working group has representatives from the fields of robotic bus research and development, automatisation research and development, software development, property asset and development, aviation research and development and the robotic testing environments from Finland and Estonia.


The main aim of the GoParking is to make the airport parking as the easiest step on the trip. Our friendly staff, and easy location makes the airport parking as smooth as possible. Hotels and other services offered at the Shopping Centre Jumbo are there for our customers.

GoParking Jumbo is easy to find, follow the Ring Road III until the Shopping Centre Jumbo – easy access by car to the top floor of the Centre. GoParking signs will guide the way. Transfer to airport from the level 3, and transfer back leaves after the landing from the platform 27, in front of the terminal 2. Landings are followed online, so the transfer is available on time. GoParking customers will have less walking and waiting!

Parking fee includes the parking and the transfer to airport and back – service available 24/7. Take the first step on the trip – book airport parking at:

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