FAQ - GoParking


GoParking Hilton Helsinki Airport

Instructions for the outward journey:

  1. Drive directly to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Hilton Helsinki Airport Hotel, at Lentäjänkuja 1, Vantaa.
  2. Park your car in the Hilton Helsinki Airport hotel parking area, driving into the area requires a parking ticket.
  3. The GoParking staff will transfer your car during your trip to a supervised parking lot.

More information from info@goparking.fi and booking confirmation.

Instructions for the return journey:

  1. The car keys can be picked up at the reception of the Hilton Helsinki Airport hotel at the end of the parking period you indicated in the reservation.
  2. The car will be waiting for you in the parking lot of the Hilton Helsinki Airport hotel: it will be brought to the parking lot of the Hilton Helsinki Airport hotel before your stated return time, and if necessary, it will be thawed from the snow before returning.
  3. Changes to parking schedules can be notified in advance by email info@goparking.fi.

Have a safe trip home and welcome again!

GoParking T1 Tallinn

Parking area

The airport parking lot is located in the T1 Tallinn shopping center near Tallinn Airport, the parking lot's customers are served on all floors of the parking lot P0–P4. (Peterburi tee 2, Tallinn)

Maximum height

The maximum height in the parking garage is 2.3 m and in the underground car park 2.4 m.

Changes to the reservation

The reservation must be valid for the entire parking period. If there are any changes to your trip, please contact us. info@goparking.ee

GoParking Mercure VIP parking

GoParking Mercure VIP is located in Tallinn at the Mercure Hotel, at Lennujaamate 2, Tallinn. The parking area is open 24/7.

Book your parking in advance on our website www.goparking.fi

There is no maximum height at the parking area.

GoParking Field´s

GoParking Field's P6 is located in the shopping center Field's parking area P6. On the west side of the shopping center at the address Arne Jacobsens Allé 12, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark. The parking area is open 24-7. It is a monitored area next to the shopping center Field's.

The shopping center Field's shops and restaurants
See all the stores that are in Field's. Men's fashion, women's fashion, beauty care, shoe stores, culture, high-tech or toy stores: all your favorite stores are gathered in Field's.

Max. height
There is no maximum height for cars in GoParking Fields P6.


Reserve GoParking Field's on advance parking must be valid from the start of to the end. if there are changes to the schedule of your trip, please contact us at info@goparking.dk.

Payment methods and conditions

GoParking payment methods

Payment methods are bank transfer, debit and credit cards, MobilePay, pivo and Siirto.

At GoParking Jumbo is also used mobile parking applications EasyPark and Parkman.

The payment terms can be found on the payment service provider's website at:

How does GoParking work?

GoParking parking is reservable in advance in all our parking areas in Finland and abroad. Parking reservations can be made at www.goparking.fi.

For the time being, annual parking customers can send their parking reservation requests to info@goparking.fi.

In order to ensure the smoothest service possible, all reservations must be made in advance at https://www.goparking.fi.

It is not possible to drive into the boomed parking areas without a valid parking reservation.

A parking reservation can be made one year in advance.

In which languages ​​can I get customer service?

Our customer service is available at +358449882560 in Finnish and English.

You can contact us via e-mail info@goparking.fi and info@goparking.ee in Finnish, English, Estonian and Russian.

What is a booking confirmation and how do I get it?

Once the payment for the parking reservation is confirmed, we will receive a booking confirmation to the email address you provided in the parking reservation. The booking confirmation also serves as receipt.

If you do not receive your booking confirmation, please check your spam, and if no booking confirmation can be found from there, please contact our customer service at info@goparking.fi.

How the price for parking reservation is calculated?

The price of parking is calculated based on selected parking area and the length of your reservation. Prices for pre-booked spaces may vary according to demand, depending on the parking area. Valid parking rates will be updated once you enter the parking start and end time into the booking system.

What if my car’s registration number changed?

If you arrive with a different car than you stated in the booking, please notify our customer service info@goparking.fi about the change in advance.

What do I do if my trip is postponed or canceled?

If your return flight is canceled or transferred to another day, please contact our customer service info@goparking.fi. We will assess the effect of the cancellation / transfer on your parking reservation case by case.

The customer has the right to transfer their parking reservation free of charge latest two (2) days before the start of the reservation.

During to the Covid19-pandemia the parking reservation which are left unused due to the travel restrictions can be transferred free of charge to another date until the end of 2020.