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GoParking P-Töölö


GoParking P-Töölö parking area is located in the center of Helsinki in the P-Töölö parking garage along Mannerheimitie.

Parking reservations:

  1. Parking reservations to be done in advance at
  2. The parking rate will be confirmed when you enter the parking start and end time into the booking system. The valid rate will be calculated automatically.
  3. You will get your parking ticket by post after confirming the parking reservation. Your reservation to P-Töölö needs to be done at least 7 days in advance.
  4. The parking area is accessible for disabled, parking lots are located near the entrances and there are lifts are available at each entrance.
  5. The parking reservation must be valid for the entire duration of the parking. If your parking time exceeds the pre-booked time, you can pay for the excess time at the departure gate with your debit or credit card in accordance with the current price list in the parking garage.

Arrival instructions:

  1. Drive to P-Töölö at Töölönkatu 23, 00260 Helsinki.
  2. Make sure you arrive at the GoParking’s parking area. There are GoParking signs at the entrance to the car park.
  3. Enter the parking ticket you received by post when you drive in, after which the boom will raise automatically.
  4. As a GoParking customer, you can park on the P1 floor of the car park.
    There is no need to leave a parking ticket in the car, the validity of your parking will be checked while departing.
  5. Take a parking ticket with you when leaving your car. You will need the PIN code from the parking ticket on your way back.
  6. There are three pedestrian exits from the car park: one to Töölönkatu and two to Mannerheimintie.
  7. The car park is open 24/7.
  8. The parking’s control room is open 24/7. In case of problems, you can connect to the control room at the entrance gate or at pedestrian exits by pressing the customer service button.
  9. If you have the Moovy app, please check the settings for automatic parking garage detection to be disabled so that the app does not automatically charge you.

Departure instructions:

  1. You can access P-Töölö through the pedestrian entrances on Töölönkatu or Mannerheimintie.
  2. The PIN code for the door at the entrances is the last four digits of the parking ticket.
  3. If your parking time exceeds the pre-booked time, you can pay for the excess time when you leave the exit gate with a debit or credit card.
  4. The parking’s control room is open 24/7, and you can contact the control room via customer service buttons at pedestrian entrances or the exit gate.
  5. The exit from P-Töölö takes you to Töölönkatu.
  6. Have a safe trip home and welcome again!
Entrance to GoParking P-Töölö parking area.
Pedestrian entrances to GoParking P-Töölö parkin area.
PIN-code from your parking ticket need to be entered to the code reader on the wall at the entrance. You can contact the customer support 24/7 by pressing Asiakaspalvelu-button.