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GoParking Tallinna Sadam


The parking area is located at Tallinn harbour, at address: Kai tn 5 / Sadama tn 6, Tallinn.

Parking reservations:
  1. Parking reservations to be done in advance at
  2. The parking rate will be confirmed when you enter the parking start and end time into the booking system. The valid rate will be calculated automatically.
  3. The parking reservation must be valid for the entire duration of the parking. In case you wish to change the duration of your parking reservation, please contact our customer support via e-mail

Instructions while departing:

1. Drive-in and park your car in the parking garage GoParking Tallinna Sadam at Kai tn 5 / Sadama tn 6, Tallinn.
2. Make sure you are driving to the right parking garage. The car park is on the upper level of the car park and the entrance gate is marked with the sign GoParking. 
3. Parking slots for GoParking customer are marked with GoParking signs.
4. You do not need to leave a parking ticket in the car, the validity of your parking will be checked automatically. 

Instructions while arriving:

1. You can pick up your car within the parking time according to your own schedule.
2. If your parking time exceeds the pre-booked time, you can pay for the excess time by notifying
3. Have a safe trip home and welcome again!