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GoParking JustGo Helsinki Airport


GoParking JustGo parking: Valet parking service at Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Parking reservations:

  1. Parking reservations to be done in advance at
  2. The parking rate will be confirmed when you enter the parking start and end time into the booking system. The valid rate will be calculated automatically.
  3. The parking must be pre-booked for the entire duration of the parking.
    In case of changes, please notify us by e-mail at
  4. GoParking JustGo -parking is the easiest part of your trip.
    More information about the service at frequently asked questions.

Instructions while arriving:

  1. Drive your car directly to Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Lentäjäntie 1b, Vantaa.
  2. Confirm your arrival time 30min before your arrival for GoParking personnel to meet you on time.
  3. Step in to the Airport.

Instructions while departing:

  1. Confirm your arrival time 30min before your arrival to GoParking personnel.
  2. Step out from the Airport.
  3. GoParking personnel is meeting you.
  4. In case of changes in travelling schedule, please notify us by GoParking service phone.
  5. Have a safe trip home and welcome again!

Parking at the Airport has never been so easy!